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Las Palmas Waterfall
  Las Palmas WaterfallPanama is known for its abundant rivers and mountains. It has all the perfect ingredients for the formation of waterfalls. It is an excellent option to isolate yourself from the busy capital and travel to the province of Veraguas, specifically to the district of Las Palmas, where for those that dare can have the chance to slide among the waters of the Las Palmas waterfalls. Both points, the height and the base of the waterfalls can be reached by car.

The Las Palmas Waterfall, has a free fall of approximately 45 meters into a natural pool of some 10 meters wide. This is an ideal site to practice rappel. You can walk within the water current and reaching a point you will be suspended in the air until reaching the land. This can only be done accompanied by professionals of the sport.
But for those that only wish to cool off the waterfall is ideal for swimming. The spirt that falls with force forms a space between the fall of the water and the hill´s mural. However, the op part of the fall is rocky and must take precaution if you wish to explore the area. You can also explore other places of interest.
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