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Rafting in the Boquerón River
  Rafting in the Boquerón RiverBoqueron River is found in the northwest of the Chagres National Park, some 40 kilometers from the city of Colón. Its access is through an old highway and the tour will last approximately one hour and a half to where you will begin your adventure. You can navigate during the months of June to January.

Boqueron River is characterized by its calm currents. In general the rapids are Class II: a pool with a defined current. The river in addition to being calm and shallow it travels parallel along a highway and with multiple accesses, making the route much more secure. While you navegate you can appreciate the surrounding landscapes. The level of the water will determine the duration of the tour as well as the amount of time to enjoy a refreshing bath, swim and enjoyment.

Boqueron is surrounded by a dense tropical jungle and farms. With some luck, you will observe the Titis monkeys, a great variety of fish, as well as birds, iguanas, you can also combine this adventure touring other of the region´s attractions.
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