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Bocas del Toro: Punta Hospital
  Bocas del Toro: Punta HospitalThe Bocas del Toro Archipelago was blessed by extraordinary natural values. On land or air you can travel from the capital to these wonderful islands. In several points of the area you will find the Bastimentos Marine National Park, a natural reserve of incredible marine richness and land with abundant beaches. This is wonderful to navigate the waters that surround these islands.

This is a tour designed for you to enjoy the bondness of nature of these islands, beach, sun, diving, fishing and even visit indigenous communities that live the region. Leaving the city of Bocas, on boat to the extreme west of neighboring Solarte. There you can visit a place where the United Fruit Company’s hospital was located between 1900 and 1925. A short trip through a forest will allow you to see small red frogs. A small beach on the north bay will allow you to rest or just take a nice swim. If you have your snorkeling equipment, the reef across of the beach is in very good conditions.
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