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Cañón del Mamoní
  Cañón del MamoníTravel to Mamoní River from Panama City where you will have the experience of challenging the turbulent waters of the river. The Mamoní first flows towards the east and later turns to the south to unite with the Bayano River. The Cañón Mamoní or the Mamoní Media is the most enjoyable part of the river.

The majority of this route is Class III with the length of Class IV. An average of four hours to descent this section, takes longer when the level of the river is very low and less time when the river has a good volume. The entrance to this route is where the Corpus Christi River enters Mamoní. With the exception of the cannon which begin after the first jump the rest of the rapids you can go down to observe and explore the rapits.

At the entrante of the Mamoní Cannon you must be very careful and not enter the first rapid if you are not sure if you can row. At the end of this route there is a very dangerous water filter, known as the “La Piedra del Colombiano”. This rapid must be passed on the left side of the river. There are other jumps like “Mama Grande: or “El Salto de Nelson”, classified as Class IV. This tour can be combined by exploring other of the region’s attractions.
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