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Diving in Contadora Island
  Contadora IslandContadora Island is an excellent option for nature lovers.

Contadora island is easy to reach from Panama City. You can travel from your hotel by air in a short 18 minute flight or on board a speed boat for aproximately 2 hours, until you reach this beautiful island located in the Archipelago Las Perlas in the Pacific Ocean.

Contadora has a good tourism infrastructure for water sports. This incredible tourism destination has 13 peaceful beaches for you to enjoy swimming, diving, underwater fishing, water skiing, among others. Among the attractive beaches you can find: Cacique Beach, Larga Beach, Ejecutiva Beach and Las Suecas which is the only nudist beach in Panama. There also: Di Maggio, Roca, Camarón, Fea, Canoa, Lucas and others. You can tour the beaches on board a yacht towards other islands in the archipelago.

The diving activities are always carried out close to the islands and never go beyond 60 feet deep, depending on the state of the waves. Water temperature is between 24 degrees celsius and 29 degrees celsius during the months of May to January and 18 degrees celsius between February and April. The visibility is associated to the currents and not the rains which registers 5 to 10 meters and an exceptional 15 meters. During the dry season you can expect winds from the north and rains from the southern winds.

Location: On Contadora Island, across the airport and a step away from the beautiful beach of Punta Galeón, Las Perlas Archipelago.

Recommended Diving Sites: The islands of the North (Pacheca, Pachequilla, Bartolomé and Contadora) and the islands of the south (Mogo Mogo, Chapera and Boyarena).

Description: The Las Perlas Archipelago is made up by some 90 islands and the majority of them are of volcanic origen. Their waters are warm and shallow due to the fact that they are found not far from the mainland. The Bay of Panama also acts as a natural barrier and protects it from bad weather. The large number of waves allows large concentration of nutrients which affects in the reproduction of a large amount and variety of marine life. Several neighboring locations to Contadora allows you to visit small coral reefs and an encounter with representatives of the underwater animal kingdom. The marine underground of the region in general is rocky. It has a shape of wings and staircases with coral formations that grow between 20 to 30 feet deep depending on the waves. The typical are: orange coral and brain coral.

Marine life in the area and in the Pacific is very different from the Caribbean. There are less types of corals but much more variety and amount of fish. You can observe butterfly fish, surgeonfish, moray, angel fish, coral sharks and many more (which are harmless for divers), also lobsters, oysters, several types of rays and starfish. The whale season starts off in August until December when the hunched back whales swim from the north in search for warm waters of the Las Perlas. Occasionally in March, you can see shark whales swimming close to the islands.

Diving Types: Coral, Walls.

Services: Excursions for first time divers, excursions for certified divers, snorkelling, diving courses with PADI Certificate (from Open Water to Diving Master) equipment rental and tank refill, commercial diving.
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