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Diving in Coiba National Park
  Coiba National ParkMarvelous jewel of incredible natural reserves, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Coiba National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a jewel of incredible natural reserves in Panama. This uninhabited area has a wild and mysterious beauty. It is made up by islands whose largest is of volcanic origen. Coiba island has 50314 hectares and is the country´s largest island. Other islands are: Jicarón and Jicarita, Canal de Afuera, Afuerita, Pájaros Uva, Brincando, Coibita, which with others make up a total of 53 582 hectares of the islands´ territories. The group of the island´s parks islands has over 240 kilometers of coasts which in its majority is conserved in its natural state.
There is a biological station in the northeastern part of Coiba Island. There are two viewpoints, Cerro Santa Cruz and Cerro La Torre and a marine path, Boca Grande. A dense tropical rain forest flows into incredible isolated beaches surrounded by palm trees like: Damas and Blanca Beaches in Coiba Island in addition to others found like Granito de Oro, Rancherís, Uvas, Contreras and many others. Many of these beaches are reproduction sites for certain tortoise species in danger of extinction. The forest is home to different species of bird and other exotic animals. Its coasts and beaches are great for fishing and diving. Diving in the region is spectacular and they are frequently compared to diving on the Galapagos Islansd and in Coco Islands.

Diving Center: Scuba Coiba.

Location: Santa Catalina, Azuero Peninsula. You can reach Coiba National Park a little over one hour on board a speed boat from Santa Catalina.

Capacity: 6.

Immersion Sites: 48.

Diving Type: Coral, Wall and Night.

Recommended Diving Sites: Coiba Islands, Santa Catalina, Damas Bay, Jicarón, Banco Aníbal, Pájaros, Chiriqui Gulf among others.

Diving Characteristics: There are tides that reach between 4 to 7 meters, on occasions there are strong currents that can affect diving. The visibility around Coiba Island is on an average between 15 to 20 meters. Visibility in places closest to the coast is between 10 to 20 meters, but can get worst depending on the currents, thermo climate and waves. They are located much higher than other different places of Panama´s Pacific side. You can find thermo climate areas with temperatures of some 24 degrees celcius or even colder.

Description: In Coiba National Park you can find coral walls with over 100 meters in depth and with incredible amounts of marine life. A few kilometers from the west coast, close to Jicaron and Banco Aníbal the depth reaches several thousands meters. Due to the rocky area and convergence of different marine currents you can find an incredible amount of fish and other forms of water life. It is not unusual for a vacationer to find sharks, manta rays and tortoises as well diving with lots of fish like angelfish, baracudas, tuna and many others. In addition to having the possibility of meeting up with hunched back whales, orcas, pilot whales, killer whales, dolphins, hammer shark, bull shark and some other types of shark species.

The Bay of Damas is found in a coral reef with over 135 meters of extension, the second largest of the central eastern Pacific and the largest in Central America home to many marine life species. This is a paradise for underway photography. Excellent and spectacular diving areas have been discovered in Santa Catalina.

Services: Adventure diving, exploration diving, snorkel, underwater diving courses, underwater diving documentaries, marine photography.

Transportation: The transportation vessel is safe, well equipped and comfortable. It offers a great platform from where you can carry out activities. A professional team will guide you throughout your stay.

There is NO hotel or tourist infrastructure in Coiba, regularly staying of 3 nights aboard a ship is required to visit the refuge island, with Maximum of 6 PAX per Trip.
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