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Boquete Discovery Tour
  Discover the natural monuments in the Valle de Boquete and its surroundings  
  This tour will give you a great overview of the most important and interesting sights in and around the valley of Boquete.

La Virgen Viewpoint:
This viewpoint is located near the entrance to Boquete’s town. The name is due to the altar to the Virgin Mary built in this location. Right from this spot you will be delighted by a spectacular view over the entire valley. The very famous Kotowa Coffee Shop is located here and while you enjoy the view, you can also try the delicious Kotowa Coffee. Kotowa means “mountains” in the indigenous Guaimi-Ngobe Bugle language.

Ruiz Coffee House:
At Ruiz Coffee House, guests will have a first hand explanation of how the coffee is processed, including roasting, grounding and packaging. The experience includes a delicious cup of fresh coffee and some pastry delicacies, like patties and sweets. A great souvenir option is offered: visitors can buy coffee in both presentations (whole or grounded).

My garden is your garden:
This is a private garden, property of the Gonzalez family. All visitors are welcomed to observe an amazing variety of the majority of the exuberant flowers that grow in this area.

Tour on the Ring Road Highway:
This tour takes place on the mountains that surround Boquete. Tourists get the chance to see one of the main areas dedicated to the agriculture in the country, as well as very well known coffee plantations.

Visit of the Boquete Fair Facilities:
On the banks of Caldera river, in the centre of the town, lay the facilities, where in the middle of January, the Boquete Coffee and Flowers Fair takes place. Throughout the year, the doors remain open for visitors to take a walk through a beautiful park. Near the end of December the doors are closed to finish all the last minute arrangements so the fair can begin.
  Approximate duration: Approximately 4 hours  
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