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Tour the Drácula de Orchídeas Farm
  Enjoy a tour to Dracula Farm and discover the mystery of its name  
  Enclaved in the high lands of Chiriquí, you can find Dracula Orchid Farm. It is located in the Cerro Punta at a height of 2000 meters above sea level in the area of Guadalupe. To reach Dracula Farm you must first find Cerro Punta and climb. Look for the neighborhood of Guadalupe, even further up and continue climbing.

Dracula Farm is an orchid surrounded by lettuce, tomato, onions and potatos also strawberries and coffee plantations. Although the farm has 10 hectares, the orchid barely occupies a hectare and a half. Cerro Punta is a town, whose inhabitants live off the land and climate and has in the indigenous people their main working force.

The orchid is found in a private farm where its owners and maximum collectionist have some 2 200 different types of orchid, recognized as one of the largest collections of orchids in America. The farm´s name is one of the rarest and delicate species of orchids cultivated there.
  Approximate duration: 6 to 8 hours  
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