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Antón Valley
  Enjoy the splendid Antón Valley, surrounded by wonderful landscape and fertile mountains.  
  Escape the noisy and warm city of Panama. This is a pictoresque trip to the town of Anton Valley, only a two hour drive from the city. The town is the second largest crater in the world with a diameter of 5 kilometers wide, which errupted 3 million years ago. It is a peaceful town surrounded by wonderful landscapes, fertile mountains and beautiful flowers. It is located 1 000 meters above sea level, wonderful climate and is known has the land of eternal spring.

The arts and crafts that the town offers you can find precious wooden carved pieces by hand, Panamanian hats, colorful baskets elaborated by Wounaan women and the marvellous molas made by Kuna women.

Places of interest:

Thermal Water Baths:
These are located close to the Anton River. The waters has a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. They have geological conditons of a volcanic structure with igneous rocks of red, white and yellow that give the water color. The peoples attribute these curative properties for arthritis, rheumatism or skin problems. There is also mud therapy, applied on the face and rest of the body. In this place you can observe a volcanic phenomenon on land, is soil rebounds like a trompolin.

Chorro El Macho:
It is located by the highway of the town of La Mesa, 500 meters from the Doña Isabel Bridge, it has a fall of 35 meters in height and falls forming a natural pool. It is currently considered as an ecological refuge for its natural beauty and exhuberant vegetation surrounding the region.

Cascada de Las Mozas:
Las Mozas is a spectacular waterfall of the Antón River which according to history it was three sisterns that disobeyed their parents and went swiming in the river on a Good Friday and were left petrified forever.

Hieroglyphics La Pintada:
Only a few minutes from the town of Valle, you will find the hieroglyphics with a variety of human life figures which have still not been decoded by archeologists.

Square Trees:
Square trees, belong to the Bombacaceas genre and grow some 12 to 15 meters high. One of the characteristics of these trees is that they are totally square on the base of the trunk.

Yellow Frogs:
The yellow frogs of the Batracias species are endemic in the region. These curious species are yello with black spots and are capable of jumping and climbing over any surface. The residents belive that when one of these frogs die they turn into gold. It was immortalized by writer Mark Twain in “The Golden Frog”.

The El Nispero Zoo and Botanical Garden:

You will find a great variety of animals and birds in the region and other parts of the world, as well as native plants in the zone and others that have been introduced.

Transfer from Panama City or Gamboa Resort, entrance to different attractions, english-spanish guide and lunch in a local restaurant.

What to take?
Comfortable clothes and shoes, camera, hat or cap and sunglasses.

Minimum 4 people, maximum 120. (40 pax per bus)

The arts and crafts market only opens on Sundays. As an optional activity you can carry out Adventure Canopy, activity that is carried out in the zone of Valle, with a capacity of 20 people. We recommend to take moderate clothes due to the cool climate in the region.
  Approximate duration: Approximately 8 hours. Day Trip.  
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