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Kayac in Portobelo
  Magnificent adventure over the waters of the Portobelo Bay  
  This tour invites you to a magnificent adventure in the waters of the Portobelo Bay located in the province of Colon best of San Blas. Incredible tour on kayac through this beautiful bay, touring its historic fortifications, while appreciating the region´s natural beauty. Guided by experienced TourGuides which will talk about the historic events of the city.

Early in the morning and from Panama City you will begin a trip to the city of Portobelo in approximately one and a half hours. The Kayac tour will last some 3 to 4 hours. Half way through the tour in the bay you will make a stopover to one of the historic monuments and enjoy a snack. After the stopover you will continue rowing to the entrance of the bay where you will vist Huerta Beach and the so called Drake Island where a legend says that this English marine was buried in a lead coffin. After a short swim at Huerta Beach, you will return crossing the beautiful entrance of the Portobelo Bay.

Once you dock, a delicious coastal style meal will be waiting for you, while enjoying the day´s stories and later return to Panama City.

What to take?
Comfortable clothes (shorts, long sleeve shirts, hat to cover the sun); closed shoes, preferably boots; do not use jewelry, no sandals, mosquito repelents and sun block. Take extra clothes in case you get wet and dirty.

Must know how to swim.

Must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other stimulate that can affect your coordination or normal behavior that can endanger yourself or other participants life.
  Approximate duration: approximately 7 to 8 hours  
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