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Chiriqui Beaches
  The beaches of Chiriqui are as surprising as its high mountains, rivers and waterfalls.  
  Chiriqui, located in Panama´s southwest is a province that will always surprise you. It is a region full of contasts and a variety of natural landscapes either due to its high mountains, spring waters, spectacular rivers and ideal waterfalls for any of your favorite sports, plain coasts occupied by beautiful beaches like: Limones, Mellizas, Palo Blanco, San Lorenzo, Las Lajas and Barqueta, the last two are the most popular.

La Barqueta Beach 28 kilometer long, is located only a half hour southwest of the city of David. La Barqueta combines beauty and adventure of the white fine sand beach with relaxation in a five state resort or in the close city of David. An important ecological reserve of tortoises is found close to beach.

Las Lajas Beach has incredible panoramic beauty easily accessable and with paved streets, located approximately 13 kilometers from the Inter American Highway. This beach is highly visited on weekends and ideal for those that love to swim, take some sun or simply enjoy the landscape while walking or exploring the surrounding nature.

Following the avenue that leads to the airport in the city of David until the end you will find Pedregal Port, a small refuge of several yachts and small vessels. This is the starting point for excursions directed tothe islands of the Gulf of Chiriqui and for the speedboats of the arts and crafts fishermen.

Chiriqui Marine Park is the most popular of the archipelago of the Páridas Islands including Parida Islands (the largest of them all) and Paridita among other protected islands.

The park is made up of islands, marinas and coasts with beautiful beaches, where you can observe (in season) large marine creatures like hunchedback whales, orcas, sharks, manta rays and a large amount of dolphins in addition to a rich biological diversity of flora and fauna.
  Approximate duration: 6 to 8 hours  
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