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Coiba National Park Islands
  Wonderful jewel of incredible natural reserves, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  
  The Coiba National Park, named World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a jewel of Panama´s incredible natural reserves.

This uninhabited area has a wild and mysterious beauty. It is made up by a group of islands of which the majority of these are of volcanic origen, Coiba Island, which has 50,314 hectares and is the largest in the country. There are other islands like: Jicarón (2,002 hectares), Jicarita (125 hectares), Canal de Afuera (240 hectares), Afuerita (27 hectares), Pajaros (45 hectares), Uva (257 hectares), Brincando (330 hectares), Coibita (242 hectares), and many others make up the 53,482 hectares of island territories. All together the park´s islands has over 240 kilometers of coasts which in its majority conserves its natural state.

There is biology station in the northeastern part of the Coiba Island. There are two viewpoint: Santa Cruz and the La Torre as well as a marine path called Boca Grande. A dense tropical rain forest descends to spectatular deserted beaches surrounded by palm trees. The forest is home to diverse bird species and other exotic animals. Many of the beaches are reproduction sites for many tortoise species endanger of extinction. It is also home to 18 marine mammal species, including hunchedback and killer whales.

The Coiba National Park gives you the best opportunity for beach activities, diving and fishing along the coast. Fine sand and transparent waters are the characteristics of the beaches like Damas and Blanca Beaches in Coiba Island, in addition to the ones you can find in Granito de Oro, Rancheria, Uvas, Contreras among others.

In the Bay of Damas you can find coral reefs with over 135 hectares in extension, the second largest in the Pacific and the largest in all of Central America. This is home to many marine life species. Within any of the islands inside the park, you can organize a day of diving. This is paradise for underwater photography.

Activities can be personalized to your individual taste and includes: tours along rivers, snorkeling, kayac, excursions to islands, birdwatching, whaleswatching , beach activities and the best of scuba diving. With diving sites of all levels of experience, you can access the ecosystems, deserted beaches, forests, rich flora and fauna.

The vessel that will transport you is very safe, well equipped and comfortable and offers a huge platform from where you can carry out your activities. The professional team will guide you during your stay.

Tour of 4 days and 3 nights. Food and drinks, lodging on board MY Horizonte Azul. All activities, entrance to PNC, diving tanks, tank re-fill with air, lead and straps.

What to take?
Scuba diving and equipment, snorkeling, sun block, hat and sun glasses.
Comfortable and light clothes, camera and an urge for adventure.

Minimum of 2 passengers. Maximum of 4 passengers.

Local laws and regulations must be respected on the conservation of the Coiba National Park.

  Approximate duration: Minimum 4 days.  
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