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Cable Car and Ecological Exhibitions
  Discover the secrets of the Tropical Forests on a trip in the Cable Car of Gamboa Resort.  
  In this tour you will have the chance of enjoying direct contact with nature comfortably sitting on one of the gondolas under the shade of dense trees for approximately one mile. The cable car descents 280 feet in its tour ending on a hill.

From the hill you can enjoy a two minute walk to the observation tower (optional), walking approximately 100 feet on a ramp which is also accessible for wheelchairs. From the observation tower you can enjoy an incomparable view of the Panama Canal, Chagres River as well as well as surrounding areas of the National Park and the town of Gamboa. La Torre is approximately 500 feet above sea level. Descending to the Tower you will board the gondola once again which will take you to the cable car station.

In the exhibitions you can observe a snake nursery that offers you a chance to see live snakes from a secure and prudent distance. You will also receive information on how to recognize a poisonous snake, learn about their food habits. A butterfly expert will give you detailed information on the life cycle of the insect. They have a laboratory which includes a nursery with larvae and some cocoons from over 15 butterfly butterflies.

Exhibition of a Model of the Indigenous Villa is an example of an Emberá home where you can observe aspects of culture, including rituals, medicinal traditions, utensils used on a daily basis and a large variety of arts and craft materials.

From Gamboa Resort: internal transportation, cable car entry and bilingual guide. From the city of Panama or Playa Bonita Inter Continental: Transportation from the city, bilingual guide and cable car entry.

What to take?
Confortable clothes and shoes, long pants, cap or hat, sunglasses, camera, mosquito repelent and binoculars.

This tour is available from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:15AM and 3:45PM. The Gamboa Resort Tour type Shutle is collective. A bus will pick up the participants from various hotels in the City of Panama beginning from 9:00AM and will return from Gamboa Resort at 3:00PM. This tour includes “Chef Selection” lunch in Gamboa Resort.
  Approximate duration: From Gamboa Rainforest Resort: 2 ½ hours. From the City of Panama or Playa Bonita Inter Continental: 4 ½ hours.  
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