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Climb the Barú Volcano
  Take an adventure and climb the country´s highest point and observe the nature that surrounds the area.  
  The tour begins early in the morning from Panama City to the Barú Volcano Natural Park, located in the province of Chiriquí with an extension of 14, 325 hectares. It is a complex of highly valuable ecology and geology that protects a biolofical diversity with unique species in the area.

The Barú Volcano, constitutes the highest point in the country with an altitude of 3, 475 meters. Climbing the volcano gives you an excellent opportunity of learning about the origens of the American continent.

While climbing you can appreciate the formations of lava and its obvious volcanic erruption which can be seen by any visitor. From this height and in good time you can see in only one instant the two oceans: Atlantic and Pacific. The temperatures on top of the Barú Volcano can drop to 20 degrees Celsius.

This tour will give you the chance of enjoying nature in a multiple of ways. Walk on paths like: La Nevera, El Quetzal (Cerro Punta) accompanied by the exhuberance of the humid tropical forest which contains species of giant trees. Places like Paseo del Respingo is perfect for bird watching, mainly Quetzal and Toucan or to find beautiful orchids, ferns and moss. After a day of tours and living with nature, enjoy an aromatic coffee while resting and relax with the beautiful climate and landscape that surrounds the volcano. In this area you can also practice rafting and canoeing.

You must be in very good physical condition for this tour.

What to take?
Comfortable clothes and shoes, binaculars and do not forget a camera.
  Approximate duration: Aproximately 8 hours and 6 relaxing. Optional sleeping on top of the hill.  
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