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Explore the nature of Gamboa Rainforest
  Spectacular tour of the Gamboa Rainforest Park.  
  Gamboa Rainforest is part of the Soberania National Park and is found only 30 minutes from Panama City on the Pacific Coast and another 30 minutes from the Colon Free Trade Zone in the Caribbean. It is surrounded by the Chagres River and the Gatun Lake which are the main sources of water of the Panama Canal and two of the most valuable natural resources in the country.

Visiting the park and the adjacent area represents a wonderful experience, a network of paths are found in the swamp, a variety of habitat of flora and fauna, surrounded by tropical forests, streams and fallen trees.

Gamboa and the surrounding areas in the Panama Canal have been protected and preserved for more than a century. Large extensions of the tropical forests, rich biodiversity, are home to abundant population of plants and animals.

There you can find a cable car that travels through the forest between beautiful trees that are dried by the sun.
Here you can enjoy a panoramic view of thousands of green tones that mix with with fluorescent floral trees.
  Approximate duration: 6 to 8 hours  
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