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The Rapids of the Mamoní River
  Unforgettable experience is navigating on a raft on the waters of Mamoni, a super river that runs parallel to the Pacora River. The Mamoní first flows towards the east and later turns south to unite with the Bayano. This river has three segments: El Mamoní Arriba (Class I and II), the Cañón del Mamoní (Class III and IV) and the Mamoní abajo (Class II).  
  The selected portion of the river offers soft water currents in the area where you will begin your adventure. The river is classified in Class II-III in its superior section and Class III-IV in the lower section. There are some parts of the path that is not navegated and is selected to walk, due to security reasons among them, a beautiful waterfall Class V highly risky. The panorama throughout the river is constantly changing and where you can enjoy the landscape with abundant and diverse flora and fauna. This tour can be combined by enjoying other of the region´s attractions.  
  Approximate duration: To reach the Mamoní River from the capital, you must take an almost 2 hour drive in direction to Chepo, including half an hour on a path where double  
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