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  Las Perlas Archipelago  

The Las Perlas Archipelago, is a wondeful paradise for nature lovers and its located in the Pacific Ocean. It is recognized as one of the most important complex of islands of the many that surround the coasts of the Panama Canal. Made up by 90 islands and approximately 130 islets and keys, they stand out by their size and importance in addition to Contadora, the Islas del Rey, San Jose, Pedro Gonzales, Pacheca, Saboga, Chapera and Viveros.
Main fishing sites:
San José, Contadora, Galera, Bodega, Isla del Rey, among others.

Main species:
Here you will find, red snapper, groupers, scad, tarpon, tuna, goldfish, sword fish, and many more. All depends on which complex of islands you will pick to go fishing as well as the depth of its waters.

Fishing Techniques:
Any technique according to the equipment used. Since it’s a group of islands you can practice any type of fishing.

If you do not bring along your own equipment we recommend to use the hotel facilities that are found on these islands and offer the services.

Winter months and rainy season from April to November.

The San Jose island has had records in catches of up to 16 black merlins.
Others Main Fishing Sites

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